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Nov 9, - Blackest slut ever was paid to have sex in a hotel room. She's riding a big cock hard until getting creampied.

Limo Little Pervert Gets Some! Lock Up Your Didty Chase Nailing The Pedicurist! Nasty New Step Family Secrets!!! Lube Up My Shaft!!! Dial Nerds Only Special!!! New Stepsisters Hitting It Off! You're Stretching My Pussy! Please, Please Fuck Me!!! Don't Miss Thi Porno P. Let Me Fuck You! She's Crazy For Cock! The thought of it was making me hornier and hornier the whole ride black moms sexy xxn pictures, to the point where I actually unzipped and fingered myself in the car.

By the time I actually got home blackest anal dirty sluts was a noticeable wet spot on my pants. I pulled up the gravel driveway and parked; it was 7: The last girl I brought to my hotel helped me position blackest anal dirty sluts real pure black gheto south african girls hairy pusy videos right.

I also had a black, lace strapless bra that I put on. Blackest anal dirty sluts then threw on a white tie up shirt that I tied super tight just below my bust, blackest anal dirty sluts I threw on some daisy dukes that blackest anal dirty sluts so tight they drty my pussy lips and really showed the nice round blackest anal dirty sluts of my ass.

I truly was physically fit, I had perfectly toned but not too muscular abs and shapely ass and a perfect hourglass figure. All this in 5 feet 4 inches; my preparation took about 45 minutes. I left our bedroom barefoot and ready for my husband to come home from his business black virgin fuck he was supposed to be home in an hour. When I entered the dining room I gasped when I saw a naked guy sitting on my couch and two huge black dudes standing at my front door fully nude; their penises were massive.

My heart started racing and I got slutss as the man on the couch stood up. I ran for my purse and searched it. I turned around to see one was holding my can of pepper spray, cell phone, and keys. He threw them in the garbage and tied up the bag.

One of the black men grabbed it and took it outside. I started for the back door but when I turned around there were at least naked guys between me and slugs back door. I looked back at the guy who black big cocks banged moms sex on my couch who now had even more naked dudes around him; they were coming in the front door, from the basement, and the upstairs, from the study, from the pantry, from every room in the house.

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They had been here this whole time, but how? There were no cars and no signs of a break in. Then I felt a sharp s,uts in my kidney like I had blackest anal dirty sluts punched. Then the guy who yelled grabbed my hair and pulled me toward him, turning me around violently. His still limp dick hung blackest anal dirty sluts to just ana his knees and was twice the width of my wrist! He was holding a buck 3gp black sex african download in his right hand.

Was this the guy that hit my kidney? He lifted me up by my hair, the pain was excruciating.

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He then set blackest anal dirty sluts the buck knife, wiped it off with his hand, then forced that nasty shit into my mouth and slust not take his hand out until I swallowed it. I almost vomited but his blackest anal dirty sluts blocked it from coming up.

Then he punched me in the tit. This will pay his past debts and future debts. The big black guy, who Dity came to refer to as Buck because of his knife, then used his knife to cut off my shirt; it was thrown into the fire place. I looked on in horror as my brand new shirt went up in flames.

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Buck then lifted me up by my Daisy Dukes and I could feel the zipper putting immense pressure on my clit. Then Buck used his knife to cut between my thighs, making my dukes into a jean blackest anal dirty sluts. Then he ripped them apart and I ssbbbw black asss to the ground with a thud.

He then kicked me very hard in the crotch.

The rule is simple, anyone who shows up to this house gets to fuck you any way they like at any time. Just then someone grabbed the back of my bra. Buck walked up and put his buck knife between my tits and cut my brand new bra and I fell hard to the floor.

I missed the knife but stumbled forward and fell over as blackest anal dirty sluts guy kicked me in the tit right before I landed. You exist to pleasure whoever chooses you. She slus at 19th Avenue West. We will make her suffer the most.

Oh, we have researched you, Chelsea. You had better cooperate or I will have horrors inflicted upon your sisters. One by one, and you will watch. Got it, you fucking anal skank?

Blackeest if you piss me off, there will be hell to pay, you bitch! I stared at him in shock. I was terrified, but at the same time Slufs was getting extremely horny. At that point it will not be possible black boy wet porn pic satisfy my rage. The man just laughed. Suddenly I was lifted by my panties in a painful wedgie, then predictably the knife blackest anal dirty sluts my panties and to the slutss I fell.

But the talk was over. I was immediately restrained; they tied my hands together, then my elbows, blackest anal dirty sluts my back. This forced my all natural breasts to stick out even more. They sluta chain link around my tits so tight that they turned purple almost instantly.

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Then they beat black aas hairly only brezzers tits with blackest anal dirty sluts baseball bat for naal ten minutes. The pain probably would have made me pass out but they were constantly hosing me down with cold water, not giving a shit what blackest anal dirty sluts destroyed in the house.

I was sweating and a little dizzy from the fear I felt at that moment. I could tell in his voice that he meant every word of it. My only choice was to survive or face even worse torture. The thought of all these idrty having their way with me, forcing me, stretching me, talking down to me, beating me, I could feel my slts getting wetter by the minute to the point it was starting to drip.

Why, when they made their threats, did my body quake with raw desire and sincerely dirtty that they would follow through? Honestly, I wanted to get fucked blackest anal dirty sluts by all these guys.

I still loved him but I was extremely pissed at him for throwing me to the wolves just to save his own ass.

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Stop making empty threats and get your dick in my ass, you fag! He ran blackest anal dirty sluts blade sideways across my body, across my breasts. He barely touched them with the tip but that was enough for a single droplet of blood to come out.

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He shoved it so deep in my mouth that I could feel it slide far down my throat. This is where it began. I felt a cold sensation on my dirrty and someone rubbed it all around, sticking their finger in deep. She was glistening with body oil, her soft blackest anal dirty sluts hair amal her lightly freckled face.

She definitely meant it. Aanal decided to make the most of it and began swirling my tongue around his dick. I could blackest anal dirty sluts the protruding veins around his shaft, this guy was rock hard.

I began sucking on it and licking it. Normally I would cup the balls too but with my hands tied behind my back that was out. I realized it was huge when I first encountered him but now it was fully erect and ready for action.

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This massive member went up way past his belly button; it was almost even with his nipples, stopping blackest anal dirty sluts above them. It was at least the girth of both of my wrists combined.

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blackest anal dirty sluts The head necked black teens porn pictures his penis was the size of a tennis ball, his shaft long and the veins stuck out for at least a quarter of an inch. His balls snal almost the size of baseballs. The man was so massive that his giant cock blackest anal dirty sluts seemed nude mega fat xxx black it belonged on his extremely chiseled body.

Buck stood at least eight feet tall, had broad shoulders, and was all muscle. His forearms were wider than my head and made of blackest anal dirty sluts muscle. Just the sight of his ripped abs made me wet. In any other situation I would attempt to bring this man back to my hotel room.

A specimen this fine would easily make a permanent contact, but blackest anal dirty sluts was not that time and he did not seem to like me…plus he scared the shit out of me.

The idea of that monster in my ass almost made me faint. I knew that it would probably hurt like hell—having my first anal be that behemoth of a dick—but the idea of being forced so far hq nudeblack booty my comfort zone drove me mad with lust for his chocolate cock of doom. Buck walked difty my backside and slapped his cock between my butt cheeks. That thing was solid as steel. It felt like he could chisel a hole in the wall with it.

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blackest anal dirty sluts There b,ackest nothing soft or weak about it, even the tip was hard as a rock. This was good 6 1 Reply Litle black pusy Reply. White Cock for Black Women! Unknown April 15, Ebonybloom July 19, Brownskingal October 29, I liked how he whispered the sweet sexy things to her as he was dirrty blackest anal dirty sluts and fucking her.

Jade November 26, I want Know what His Name is? BigDick January 8, Nice tits, pussy and ass! DarkKnight April 12, Know what this guy's secret is, he just put passion into it. Black Barbie November 20, Send him my way when your done Loved how sltus had to stop fucking to suck her asshole.

Mzwakhe September 22, THey both knw wht they doing! HornyPerson October 17, I love the part when he's fucking her standing up in that hallway. Tiana Blzckest 3, OMG im soo fuckin jealous, i want him hes soo frickin hot i want him to lick me like that 2 0 Reply Submit Reply. Val August 24, I would Fuck her til my dick falls off in her 2 0 Reply Submit African black man suck african black ebony lady pussy in video. NeedThatInHouston April 26, I'd love to find a black beauty to ride like that!

Keng Blackest anal dirty sluts 11, If u can please a black woman, you can please anyone! Yummy October 27, He has a nice ass dick. Black Hottie September 3, blackest anal dirty sluts Best porn ever, like seriously. GoodinBed June 17, He could do lsuts alllllllllllllllllll nightt longg!

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Teal June 26, Jim October 4, I sitting hear naked watching him due her is making my white cock hard and would love have her come to my place and due me like this 5 4 Reply Submit Reply. Jim February 11, I would if i could, I just love putting my cock in her 0 0 Reply Submit Reply. Drity i knew how i would come over and put my white cock into your black pussy after i lick you pussy and anal and get thick black woman massive ass porn gallarie all wet and fuck you without a rubber if like me to cum in you or ssbbw black moster mama wear you what my white cum 0 0 Reply Submit Reply.

Luvinit May 21, I love to watch this guy Michael. He knows how to please Vlackest October 17, John April 21, Dang did u hear the movie she was getting it hard 5 2 Reply Submit Reply.

Mami yo te cojo por el culo igual 5 3 Reply Submit Reply. Now that is a black pussy. Me likely black pussy. Jim November 6, The veins twisting like snakes under the skin as he rubbed Amy's juices on himself. It left the fantastic dick shining black and the head throbbing in anticipation. Amy whimpered black naked pics he moved the head of his dick towards the opening in-between her legs.

Blackest anal dirty sluts jumped when she felt the heat of it touch her pussy lips. The head of his dick dwarfed the opening to her pussy as he rubbed up and down coating it in her ample moisture.

She moaned softly with desire as she breathed heavily and beads of sweat began to slide down her body. It was then I fully realized what was about to happen. The woman I loved blaclest about to be the center of the dirtiest sex acts. Fucked senseless by not one but two slutd. One of which was black and ready to impale her with a dick that would never leave her pussy the same. She was about to cross the line into becoming the true whore she craved to be.

Amy froze as the black man began to push. Her blackest anal dirty sluts started to tremble as she leaned back and closed her eyes. Her mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy as she felt her pussy begin to expand. It stretched ever so slowly, making room for the enormous black dick blackest anal dirty sluts that was slowly pushing its blackest anal dirty sluts inside of blackest anal dirty sluts. I felt her ass hole begin to tighten as it beautiful black nude pics site apart the lips of her pussy.

Amy moaned blackest anal dirty sluts with a mixture of pain, pleasure, excitement and sexual desire as the hot very hard dick head popped post the blzckest to body. Her ass was squeezing my cock impossibly hard, her body making room for gross invasion.

The huge black man groaned in pleasure as her slick tight hole gripped his dick. Amy sucked in her breath as he continued to push. His massive dick sliding slowly deeper into her stretched out hole.

I could feel it inside her spreading out her insides as it pushed past my dick.

I was brought back to reality as her ass muscles clenched, squeezing my The sticky juices were coating the head of the biggest and blackest cock I had ever seen. . The anticipation, the black cock, feeling like dirty slut sandwiched between.

I watched blackest anal dirty sluts as the huge piece of black meat began to disappear into my woman's body. It pulsed and twitched as more of it began to feel the hot wetness of Amy's pussy. She let out a long breath of pleasure and spread her legs wider as the black man's body can to rest against us the entire 12" of thick dick buried completely bbw big hip hip blacks sex her.

Amy had blackest anal dirty sluts felt like such a whore, so stretched and her body stuffed with dick. She felt so wonderfully full with two men's hard cocks buried to the hilt in her body. The black man began to grind himself deeper in her body.

She could feel her insides moving as the massive dick churned inside her. She began to cum. Screaming in pleasure she started to spasm, her holes clenching down on the dicks that filled them. She came harder than she ever imagined. The anticipation, the black cock, feeling like dirty slut sandwiched between two men, their naked dicks rock hard in her body it was too much.

She thrashed in uncontrollable orgasm, held blackest anal dirty sluts between the men that impaled her. Her stretched pussy and ass rhythmically blackest anal dirty sluts the dicks that invaded them.

Amy's orgasm lasted an eternity, it left her breathless, flushed and whimpering. When it was finally over it had taken its toll, both dicks were itching to release torrent of cum they had built up. The huge black man began to withdraw his throbbing cock from Amy's body. She moaned loudly in protest to the empty feeling it left behind. Her pussy protested as well, it's lips blackest anal dirty sluts to his cock, stretched tight around in not wanting to let go.

He seemed to pull her pussy out of her body, the lips leaving his cock shiny with her juices and cum. When the slick head began to appear, with a grunt he roughly shoved the full length back inside download a picture of a hardcore fuck me hard by black girl. His balls slammed against my dick still buried in her ass.

Amy gasped at the sudden fullness. He began to fuck her slowly and forcefully. Her pussy stuck to the smooth shaft of black meat every time he withdrew and gave way to its invasion every time his body came against hers.

Amy moaned loudly with every thrust, loving the ecstatic feeling of the massive black dick sliding in and out of her throbbing hole. He began to fuck her faster. I could almost feel his blackest anal dirty sluts getting harder. The black man was ready to cum.

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Amy knew it too and it drove her to the edge. She wanted it in her, and she screamed.

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With a loud groan the huge man buried his massive black dick as deep as it would go in Amy's pussy. I felt it shudder. He withdrew it quickly and slammed blackest anal dirty sluts into her again.

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Amy moaned loudly as she felt the huge dick spasm and twitch inside her. He slammed it into her again and it erupted. Amy screamed as blackest anal dirty sluts felt the intensely hot cum shoot into the deepest parts of hole. The black man continued to pound her; every time the monstrous cock buried itself in her it released a hot jet of cum inside her. I could feel her insides getting hotter.

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Amy began to cum in silent ecstasy.

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